Ex-Rod-Temperature Fire Detector

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Ex-Rod-Temperature Fire Detector EXDAF04-...-..
Dimensions (l x w x h)265 mm x 180 mm x 74 mm
Protection typeIP 65
Housing materialaluminum
Material temp.-sensing elementstainless steel
Weight1.2 kg
Max. contact load48 V DC / 0.5A

Approvals and Certificates



This Ex-Rod-Temperature Fire Detector has the approval for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (II 2 G Ex d IIC T3 or T4).

The Ex-Rod-Temperature Fire Detector reacts to absolute temperature as well as to temperature rise and thus combines the positive performance characteristics of conventional heat sensitive detectors and differential detectors.

The Rod-Temperature Fire Detector operates according to so-called principle of differential expansion principle. It consists of a preformed concave or convex contact system with low coefficients of expansion housed inside a feeler tube whose coefficients of expansion are high . The contact system is anchored to the fronted of the feeler tube.

When heated, then yields a different linear expansion, which leads to the clamping of the contact system, and thus depending on the type for closing or opening of the contacts. The response level (60°C/ 71°C / 88°C / 107°C / 135°C / 162°C / 182°C / 232°C / 260°C / 316°C / 385°C) is preset by the factory.

The alarm is the earlier, the faster the temperature rise.

Through a balanced design, the system is tuned so that through immediate, harmless temperature effects (e.g. as warm air when opening an oven door) no alarm is triggered.

Approval: PTB 05 ATEX 1063