Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generator
Dynameco 300-PA01

(P/N: 40261)

Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generator Dynameco 300-PA01
Heigth (without screw connector)274 mm
Heigths (with screw connectors)see datasheet
Diametermax. 88 mm
Weightapprox. 1.54 kg
Operating temperatures-40 °C to +80 °C
Volume to be protectedapprox. 3 m³
Duration of AEROSOL generationmax. 8 s
Start of effectimmediately after the ignition
Period of use from installation5 years


AEROSOL Fire Extinguishing Generator with pneumatic activation

• Effective fire fighting on site
• Non-toxic extinguishing agent: AEROSOL
• Period of use: max. 5 years

These fire extinguishing generators produce after an activation, by melting of the sensor tube, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic AEROSOL. The energy of the fire will be reduced. And by the binding of free radicals, the flame will be extinguished. During this process, the environment is not deprived of oxygen.

This product class is approved for fire protection classes A, B, F (limited) and C.

These fire extinguishing generators are particularly suitable for fighting of incipient fires.
They are used for room-based and object-based fire extinguishing.

For the release of these fire extinguishing generators, a central unit for fire detection and fire extinguishing is not necessary. Current-free system.
The fire detection and activation of fire extinguishing generators is done by the melting of the sensor tube or, depending on the design, after the activation of the Manual Release Actuator.
Especially suitable for fire detection in awkward places.
Optional with potential-free feedback-elements.

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