Heat Detector
KPS 79

(P/N: 80071)

Heat Detector KPS 79
Housing dimensions (l x w x d)120mm x 116 mm x 70 mm
Housing materialaluminum die-casting, GD-ALSi 12
Weight1.4 kg
Protection typeIP 54
Ambient temperature-20°C to +95°C
Connection voltagemax. 35 V DC
Alarm set-points50°C to 100°C


The feeler of the detector is filled with a liquid which will expand when heated. This expansion will be led through the flexible capillary tube to the diaphragm pressure switch which is installed within the controller unit. The diaphragm pressure switch is set by an adjustable pressure spring (setting of the temperature alarm switch point).

If the feeler temperature reaches the set point the expanded liquid operates the diaphragm pressure switch and the signal contact is actuated.


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