Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generator

(P/N: 40372)

Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generator FP-40T
Extinguishing agent quantity40 g
Activationelectrical and thermal (thermal actuator necessary)
Operating temperature-54 °C - +100 °C
Fire classA, B, C and F
Height140 mm
Diameter51 mm
Weight610 g
Discharge timeca. 8 Seconds
Discharge lengthca. 1 m
Safety distance (easily flammable parts & creature)15 cm
Service Life from manufacture15 Years

Approvals and Certificates



The FP-40T is an Aerosol-Fire-Extinguishing-Generator with an
electrical or thermal (thermal actuator necessary) activation, which releases an aerosol extinguishing agent. This will be used for firefighting as a total flooding system for rooms and objects.

• Effective fire fighting on site
• Non-toxic extinguishing agent: AEROSOL
• Period of use: max. 15 years
• Pressureless stainless steel container
• For Fire class: A, B, C and F
• Multiple certified

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