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UV-Flame Detector, Type: FL (Ex) d 07-.-..-..

Produktbild - UV-Flame Detector


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The UV-Flame Detector reacts only upon the short wave part of the UV range (UV C 200 nm to 280 nm, where by the highest sensibility is between 210 +/ 10 nm) of an optical radiation of an open flame. Thus, an influence generally caused by embers and bulbs and at respective sensibility adjustment against solar radiation, special fluorescent lamps and discharge sparks will be avoided.

Generating of the voltage for the detector tube will be continuously monitored. In a case of failure this will be signaled.

Depending on the version, the UV-Flame Detector is equipped with or without automatic UV-test (functional test).
In versions with the automatic UV-test, the optics and the UV-detector tube are monitored for their ability to function.

Upon reaching a maximum operating temperature, this is reported to the higher-level system and the UV-Flame Detector operates in the standby mode. If the value of the operating temperature back within the desired tolerance range, the UV-Flame Detector automatically turns on.

The UV-Flame Detector has a status LED (RGB) to display the operating status.

Furthermore, the UV-Flame Detector has, depending on the version, via potential-free contacts (alarm, general fault and max. Temperature) or a field bus (PROFIBUS) to indicate the operating status.

The UV-Flame Detector can be used both as a line-, end- or single detector.

Technical data

 Dimensions (l x w x h)272 mm x 192 mm x180 mm
 Housing materialAlSi7Mg03
 Weight4.9 kg
 Protection typeIP 66
 Angle of visibility90°
 Fire-sensivityEN 54-10 class 1
 Temperature range-40 °C to 120 °C
 Operating voltage9,6 VDC to 30 VDC

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