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UV-Flame Detector, Type: FL 80/1A...

P/N: 80186
Produktbild - UV-Flame Detector


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The UV-Flame Detector reacts only upon the short wave part of the UV range (UV C 200 nm to 280 nm, where by the highest sensibility is between 210 +/ 10 nm) of an optical radiation of an open flame. Thus, an influence generally caused by embers and bulbs and at respective sensibility adjustment against solar radiation, special fluorescent lamps and discharge sparks will be avoided.

Generating of the voltage for the detector tube will be continuously monitored. In a case of failure this will be signaled.

Default factory configurations of the „Alarm“-messages:
1. Quiescent current principle (relay is energized normally and falls in alarm from);
2. Working current principle (relay is de-energized in normal case and draws on alarm at);
3. Continuous alarm (relay is energized: the alarm remains active until power to the detector will be switched off.);
4. Temporary alarm (relay is energized: the alarm will be reset automatically according to the setting (alarm duration up to 95 seconds).);
5. Post-trigger mode (The detectors alarm as long as a fire is detected.)

Technical data

 Dimensions (l x w x h)155 mm x 120 mm x 110 mm
 Weight1.4 kg
 Protection typeIP 65
 Angle of visibility180°
 Fire-sensivityEN 54-10 class 1
 Temperature range-20 °C to 80 °C
 Operating voltage24 V DC

Approvals and Certificates
MED  GL  VdS  
Matching accessories
UV-Tester UVG 93
The UV-Tester is usable for functional checks of UV-Flame Detectors. The UV-Tester generates UV-radiation, which is similar to the UV-radiation of open flames. All conventional types of UV-Flame Detectors that can recognize the UV-radiation of wavelengths from 210 nm to 300 nm in principle can be tested with this UV-Tester.
Swivel Mounting SK 095
suitable for UV-Flame Detectors of types FL 80/1A

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